December 2023

Thank you so much Lucy, all three boys passing first time. We’ve recommended you to all our friends.


February 2019

Just want to say thank you very much for all your help and for being a great instructor. Couldn't be happier!


December 2018

A big thank you for your excellent tutoring of Archie over the last few months. Archie has really enjoyed his lessons with you and we've noticed his confidence has grown as a result of them, alongside his driving ability obviously!


September 2018

Last week I passed my driving test and it was entirely thanks to Lucy! Lucy took me from nervous to confident driving in a little over 20 hours, something that a couple of other local instructors had failed to do, and even taught me to park like a pro! Lucy has been brilliant from start to finish and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


January 2017

Thank you so much for helping me achieve a first time pass with Lucy’s Driving School. Lucy is a very kind, understanding and constructive teacher. She really helped build my confidence as a driver and lessons were always a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone wanting to learn to drive - and have already passed her details on to a friend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


May 2016

Dear Lucy, Thank you so much for the guidance and encouragement you have given James since September. I think he doubted himself for quite a while and was surprised to have passed the test but I imagine he benefited very much from your experience of managing young male would-be drivers! With best wishes.



Lucy has taught both my boys to drive and we are delighted with her skill and professionalism. Both boys are confident, safe and proficient drivers and Lucy achieved this in a short timescale. She is quickly able to give them sufficient knowledge and competence to enable a parent to feel at ease practising with them which obviously speeds up the whole process. Would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone!!


May 2015

Lucy was very patient with me, and she got me through my test first time! She is very committed to her learners. Thank you Lucy.

Elaine and Peter

November 2014

Thank you so much for the way you have taught Tim to drive - it's given him a very good solid grounding (though we know he now still has a lot to learn)! Hopefully, like Erica, he will continue with the good habits you have instilled in him. We have recommended you & passed your details on to various friends & wish you every success with your future pupils.

Alison Bovey

November 2014

Lucy taught all my 3 children to drive. Despite being quite different characters, Lucy established a very effective teaching style with them all, giving clear instructions, being firm but also very supportive. They enjoyed their lessons and progressed quickly, noticeably growing in confidence after each one. She would be clear about what we needed to practice in our car in between her lessons and these sessions quickly became less stressful for me! In the end, I feel that they all had a great start to their driving 'career' and I would certainly recommend Lucy to anyone!


October 2014

I always felt comfortable and confident whilst learning to drive; there were no moments when I felt overwhelmed by a situation or too far out of my depth. You were always pushing me to drive as well as I could and helped massively on me passing first time. I would recommend you to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Lucy T (Passed first time)

September 2014

Whatever happens I just wanted to say thank you so much for geting me to this point (wherever that is!). I've had a great time this summer and had plenty of laughs over 'don't swerve for a squirrel' and 'observations' - not to mention my running commentary during our lessons! Hopefully everything will be fine and no animals will have tried a suicidal crossing, but if not I'll be back at Christmas for some more laughs and hair raising driving! Thanks again!


August 2014

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and support earlier this year. I really appreciated your honesty and encouragement whilst learning. I passed first time which was amazing! I would (and have) recommended you to friends. Thanks again! Lucy


July 2014

In the last few years, Lucy Rawley has taught my daughter and eldest son to drive. Without exception, she was thoroughly professional and always punctual. I feel my children received a very high standard of instruction. They enjoyed their lessons and were able to pass first time. Next Spring , my youngest son turns 17 and I will not hesitate to ask Lucy to teach him to drive.

Katie (Passed first time)

May 2014

I chose Lucy as I had heard some great reviews about her and a lot of my friends said she was a very good instructor. I totally agree with them, she is very patient and made me feel very comfortable. I was very nervous at first but after a few lessons with Lucy my confidence grew and I really looked forward to learning how to drive with her. She is a brilliant instructor and with her teaching me I passed both my theory and my practical test first time. I would like to thank her for helping me


May 2014

You were an absolutely amazing instructor! Gave me the confidence to do something even though at times I didn't feel I could do it, coped with my harsh breaking at the beginning (and slightly towards the end) and very, very reliable. I would recommend you to anyone any day! I also just want to say thank you for the driver you have made me today and the time you spent with me to make me a good and safe driver. THANK YOU!


September 2012

I would like to say thank you for the support you gave the girls. I could not believe they both passed with the same marks. The chances of twins passing the same morning is incredible. Thanks again. If you ever need a lift home I give you permission to ring them anytime



Thanks very much for your card, I've done 200 miles so far this week and im hoping to go to a Classic car show on Sunday.

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